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Wes Allen
219-567-9119 ext. 1509
HS/MS Asst. Principal/Ath. Director
Casie Allen
219-567-2534 ext. 1200
MS Office Staff
Vicky Alva
219-567-9119 ext. 1503
Instructional Assistant
Bill Amsler
Last updated: 02/07/2017
Bill Amsler's Profile
219-567-9119 ext. 1532
Practical Arts
Kris Aschbrenner
219-567-9119 ext. 1521
Support Services
Lisa Baker
129-567-9119 ext.1516
Language Arts
Mary Chesser
219-567-2534 ext.1214
Special Needs
Michelle Clapp
Josh Cooper
219-567-2534 ext. 1213
6th Grade
Alicia Cotner
219-567-9119 ext. 1514
Library/Media Center Director
Pat Culp
219-567-9119 ext. 1501
HS/MS Principal
Tyler DeMoss
219-567-9119 ext. 1515
Industrial Arts
Pam DeMoss
219-567-9119 ext. 1514
Instructional Assistant
Natalie Dickinson
219-567-9119 ext. 1540
Visual/Ceramic Arts
Hillary Durie
219-567-2534 ext.1210
Language Arts
Monica Gainor
219-567-2534 ext. 1510
MS Guidance
Marc Hall
219-567-9119 ext. 1527
Social Studies
Mike Harter
219-567-9119 ext. 1526
Social Studies
Shaw Haselby
219-567-9119 ext.1533
Last updated: 02/07/2017
Dean Hill's Profile
219-567-9119 ext. 1538
Mr. Hill is the head of the science department at West Central.He teaches mainly biology. He has his Bachelor's degree and Master's degree from Indiana University. He was a Research Associate for School of Education. He is a member of the National Wildlife Federation. He has taught since 1979.
Jennifer Istre
219-567-2534 ext. 1215
Kelly Jackson
Instructional Assistant
Jennifer Johns
219-567-9119 ext.1579
Health Occupations
Last updated: 02/07/2017
Marci Kennedy's Profile
219-567-9119 ext. 1508
HS Guidance
Hello! My name is Mrs. Kennedy and I am the Guidance Counselor for grades 10-12 at West Central High School. I am starting my fourth year in this position but I have worked as a counselor or administrator in the West Central School Corporation for over 20 years. I am married to Roger Kennedy and have one daughter, Natalie.
Janet Kruger
219-567-2534 ext.1209