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Wes Allen
219-567-9119 ext. 1509
HS/MS Asst. Principal/Ath. Director
Casie Allen
219-567-2534 ext. 1200
MS Office Staff
Vicky Alva
219-567-9119 ext. 1503
HS Office Staff
Bill Amsler
Last updated: 02/07/2017
Bill Amsler's Profile
219-567-9119 ext. 1532
Practical Arts
Kris Aschbrenner
219-567-9119 ext. 1521
Support Services
Lisa Baker
129-567-9119 ext.1516
Language Arts
Mary Chesser
219-567-2534 ext.1214
Special Needs
Michelle Clapp
Josh Cooper
219-567-2534 ext. 1213
6th Grade
Alicia Cotner
219-567-9119 ext. 1514
Library/Media Center Director
Pat Culp
219-567-9119 ext. 1501
HS/MS Principal
Tyler DeMoss
219-567-9119 ext. 1515
Industrial Arts
Pam DeMoss
219-567-9119 ext. 1514
Instructional Assistant
Hillary Durie
219-567-2534 ext.1210
Language Arts
Monica Gainor
219-567-2534 ext. 1510
MS Guidance
Marc Hall
219-567-9119 ext. 1527
Social Studies
Mike Harter
219-567-9119 ext. 1526
Social Studies
Shaw Haselby
219-567-9119 ext.1533
Jennifer Istre
219-567-2534 ext. 1215
Kelly Jackson
Instructional Assistant
Jennifer Johns
219-567-9119 ext.1579
Health Occupations
Last updated: 02/07/2017
Marci Kennedy's Profile
219-567-9119 ext. 1508
HS Guidance
Hello! My name is Mrs. Kennedy and I am the Guidance Counselor for grades 10-12 at West Central High School. I am starting my fourth year in this position but I have worked as a counselor or administrator in the West Central School Corporation for over 20 years. I am married to Roger Kennedy and have one daughter, Natalie.
Janet Kruger
219-567-2534 ext.1209
Lindley Laposi
219-567-2534 ext. 1216
Language Arts
Amber Leman
219-567-9119 ext. 1524
Special Needs