Daily Announcements

Daily Announcements

Daily Announcements

1Daily BulletinMay 03,2017Daily BulletinMay 03,201754 times
2Daily Bulletin May 5,2017Daily Bulletin May 5,201726 times
3Daily Bulletin May 23,2017Daily Bulletin May 23,201728 times
4Daily Bulletin May 19,2017Daily Bulletin May 19,201730 times
5Daily Bulletin May 18,2017Daily Bulletin May 18,201731 times
6Daily Bulletin May 17,2017Daily Bulletin May 17,201723 times
7Daily Bulletin May 16,2017Daily Bulletin May 16,201731 times
8Daily Bulletin May 12,2017Daily Bulletin May 12,201732 times
9Daily Bulletin May 11,2017Daily Bulletin May 11,201729 times
10Daily Bulletin May 10,2017Daily Bulletin May 10,201729 times
11Daily Bulletin May 09,2017Daily Bulletin May 09,201729 times
12Daily Bulletin May 08,2017Daily Bulletin May 08,201722 times
13Daily Bulletin May 04,2017Daily Bulletin May 04,201726 times
14Daily Bulletin May 02,2017Daily Bulletin May 02,201731 times
15Daily Bulletin May 01,2017Daily Bulletin May 01,201751 times
16Daily Bulletin March 23,2017Daily Bulletin March 23,201760 times
17Daily Bulletin March 22,2017Daily Bulletin March 22,201732 times
18Daily Bulletin March 21,2017Daily Bulletin March 21,201745 times
19Daily Bulletin March 16,2017Daily Bulletin March 16,201750 times
20Daily Bulletin March 15,2017Daily Bulletin March 15,201735 times
21Daily Bulletin March 14,2017Daily Bulletin March 14,201740 times
22Daily Bulletin march 09,2017Daily Bulletin march 09,201753 times
23Daily Bulletin March 08,2017Daily Bulletin March 08,201751 times
24Daily Bulletin March 07,2017Daily Bulletin March 07,201739 times
25Daily Bulletin March 06,2017Daily Bulletin March 06,201742 times
26Daily Bulletin March 02,2017Daily Bulletin March 02,201745 times
27Daily Bulletin March 01,2017Daily Bulletin March 01,201737 times
28Daily Bulletin Feb 28,2017Daily Bulletin Feb 28,201755 times
29Daily Bulletin Feb 27,2017Daily Bulletin Feb 27,201744 times
30Daily Bulletin Feb 24,2017Daily Bulletin Feb 24,201750 times
31Daily Bulletin Feb 22,2017Daily Bulletin Feb 22,201752 times
32Daily Bulletin Feb 22,2017Daily Bulletin Feb 22,201771 times
33Daily Bulletin Feb 21,2017Daily Bulletin Feb 21,201755 times
34Daily Bulletin Feb 17,2017Daily Bulletin Feb 17,201763 times
35Daily Bulletin Feb 16,2017Daily Bulletin Feb 16,201737 times
36Daily Bulletin Feb 15,2017Daily Bulletin Feb 15,201734 times
37Daily Bulletin Feb 14,2017Daily Bulletin Feb 14,201744 times
38Daily Bulletin Feb 13,2017Daily Bulletin Feb 13,201743 times
39Daily Bulletin April 28,2017Daily Bulletin April 28,201731 times
40Daily Bulletin April 27,2017Daily Bulletin April 27,201728 times
41Daily Bulletin April 25,2017Daily Bulletin April 25,201729 times
42Daily Bulletin April 24,2017Daily Bulletin April 24,201729 times
43Daily Bulletin April 21,2017Daily Bulletin April 21,201727 times
44Daily Bulletin April 20,2017Daily Bulletin April 20,201734 times
45Daily Bulletin April 19,2017Daily Bulletin April 19,201724 times
46Daily Bulletin April 18,2017Daily Bulletin April 18,201726 times
47Daily Bulletin April 12,2017Daily Bulletin April 12,201734 times
48Daily Bulletin April 11,2017Daily Bulletin April 11,201734 times
49Daily Bulletin April 10,2017Daily Bulletin April 10,201736 times
50Daily Bulletin April 07,2017Daily Bulletin April 07,201731 times
51Daily Bulletin April 06,2017Daily Bulletin April 06,201732 times
52Daily Bulletin April 05,2017Daily Bulletin April 05,201733 times
53Daily Bulletin April 04,2017Daily Bulletin April 04,201731 times
54Daily Bulletin April 03,2017Daily Bulletin April 03,201735 times
55Daily BulletinDaily Bulletin Locked by Vickey Thompson 4 months ago60 times
56Daily BulletinDaily Bulletin37 times
57Daily Attendance May 15,2017Daily Attendance May 15,201726 times

School Status

School is Open
School is Open
Francesville, IN


  • Use Parent Connect to access student information such as grades, attendance, transcripts, etc. To retrieve your child's password, call or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at (219) 567-9119 at the High School or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at (219) 567-2534 at the Middle School.
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Contact Us!

West Central Middle/High School

Mr. Pat Culp, Principal
Mr. Wes Allen, Asst. Principal/Ath. Director 

High School Office
1852 S US Highway 421
Francesville, IN 47946
Phone: 219-567-9119
Fax:     219-567-2535

Middle School Office
1850 US Highway 421
Francesville, IN 47946
Phone: 219-567-2534
Fax:     219-567-2535